ST61 PLUS Cheap Monitor 11.6" +/- 20cm

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    agriCAD ST61 PLUS satellite guide, bigger than ever!

    The system is used for all preparation, treatment, fertilization and harvesting work. The system allows to speed up the treatments, reduces the maneuver time in the head, optimizes the use of fuel, fertilizers and herbicide. It allows to measure the hectares processed with precision.


    How does it work?

    • You install the antenna on the roof and the monitor in the cabin
    • It works on all tractors, self-propelled, and threshers
    • Precision GPS receiver, suitable for agriculture
    • Optional with electronic box for hilly areas with a lot of slope
    • Other optional accessories like electronic box for sections control, back camera.

    Main advantages?

    • Accuracy of work, less stress for the operator, better result in the field
    • Ideal for all processing operations
    • Assistance, practical use course, professional technical support


    • Accuracy 20cm between one pass and another

    Discover all the applications in the Solutions section.

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